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 Payment Gateway:

We have partnership agreement with various payment gateways in order to perform deposits and withdrawals.

We recommend to all of our Advertisers and affiliate members to create at least one or multiple payment gateways account according to your choice. You may open the account without any hesitations as they all highly regulated in many jurisdictions.

Please click the link below to know details about them according to your choice:

1. Perfect Money

2. Al-Arafah Islami Bank LTD

3. Skrill

4. Payoneer (Sign up and Get $25 bonus)

5. Transferwise

6. Payeer

7. Coin Payments

8. PayPal

Rainbow VIP operates its business more than 200+ countries, People are signing up everyday to Rainbow VIP's opportunity and the numbers incresaing dramatically everyday, Majority of Rainbow VIP's traffic comes directly from referral Marketing. The remaining traffic comes from Publishers websites, web search, social media search etc.
Deposit and Payment
You may request for the withdrawal at any time you wish as long as you have minimum $10 in your cash balance. The withdrawal process time may take up to 7 working days, in some cases bank withdrawal may take upto 14 working days. As We have more than 100 Payment method and some of the processors processing times makes these delays, which Rainbow VIP does not have the control. But in some the the payment processors we have the facility to process the withdrawal insantly, we are working continuously to speed up the withdrwal time.
As being the Global regulated company, Rainbow VIP has various payment method available:


Processors: Perfect Money, Paypal, Visa Card, Master Card, Coin Payments-Bitcoin-BTC, ETH, LTC, Transferwise, Payoneer, Payeer, Neteller, Skrill, Bkash, Rocket, Mobile Banking.
Money Transfer Companies: You may use Any money transfer companies like, estern Union, Money Gram, RIA, Small World-LCC, NEC Money etc.

In terms of withdrawal we can send to local bank account in more than 100 countries.
About Rainbow
We are in Love with computers and internet. As a global company Rainbow Group is now in 7 years of operations with multi ventures project.
We are looking for suitable candidates for our new innovative digital project called ‘’’’
It’s a digital advertising platform and survey company running more than 200+ countries.

So, at the moment we are looking for-

· Country Director Position 1 person for each country,
· Divisional Manager 1 person for each division
· District manager for each city of the country
· Graphics Designer, Photo Shop, Video Editing
· Website back office management.
· Customer Support Representative
· Professional Trainer & Presenter

Required Skills and Experiences:

· Worked in marketing department at least 2 years.
· Worked in a network marketing company.
· Love networking and making new friends.
· Understand the Direct selling concept
· Full understanding of affiliate marketing and referral marketing concept.
· Active in social network.
· Good communication skills.
· Working as part of team.
· Problem solver, work with own initiative.
· Leadership skills.
· Eager to learn new things, good listener, exploring and curious.
· For IT Related Post you must have relevant work experiences.

If you think you are best suit for the positions and like to be part of our global team. Please send your CV at:
We Offer Advertisers IAB Standard Banner Sizes: 125x125, 468x60, 728x90, Text Ads, Websites Views in Traffic Exchange. Landing Page, POP up window etc.
You can target campaigns based on location, device, operation system and browser.
Rainbow VIP maintains a high level of quality sites for our advertisers to place ads on. All websites are reviewed by machine learning software automatially and approved alomost instantly but in certain cases checked by a member of our ad operation team for approval into our website. If your site doesn't meet certain criteria we will contact you with the reason why it was declined.
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